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Russian Federation
Russian Federation: Approximation of Health and Safety at Work Legislation Russian Federation
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
EU - Europe Aid
Start of Project
July 2005
End of Project
December 2007
30 months
Partner Organisations
BAD GmbH (Ger.) VUBP (Czech Rep.) Rosconsult (Russia)
Description of Project
Assist the Ministry of Health and Social Development in reviewing and updating Russian legislation and safety standards.
  • Provide policy and legal advice: develop Russian OHS legislation and technical standards; Review of the current legislation; develop recommendations on legal provisions of the current legislation; review and analyse the current technical standards, develop recommendations on how to harmonize their provision with the EU legislation and ILO standards.
  • Provide socio-political advice: enhance social dialogue on health and safety matters at the enterprise level, develop and implement training activities concerning social dialogue; organise training for social partners on occupational health and safety provisions, assist the social partners in introducing the newly developed provisions in the collective labour agreements
  • Provide institutional advice: support the Ministry of Health to involve regions in improving the OHS situation, prepare specific documents by a team of European and Russian experts for the beneficiaries on EU practices in the field of OHS, identify and disseminate “good working practices in the areas of occupational health and safety" implemented by enterprises of selected sub-sectors
  • Develop training programmes and modules for key players in OHS in the federal and regional institutions in applying of EU OHS Directives and drafting new legal provisions, determine qualification requirements; introduce new training models, implement training in selected regions and industrial branches.
  • Develop and implement information strategy such as awareness campaigns and public relation concepts: design target group specific campaigns in order to enhance reputation of OHS activities among employers and employees, multipliers and general population; disseminate the results of the project at federal and regional level, organise and implement several PR events, seminars, round tables and conferences at regional and national level
  • Develop a concept for improving the attestation of work places, identify the current system and develop recommendations how to improve it; identify needs in the field of risk assessment in several sectors and regions and develop recommendation for an application based risk assessment model.
  • Establish/maintain co-operation within the OHS key players in Russia with European counterparts: plan and organise several study visits for the relevant Russian key players to other European OHS institutions
Description of Services

Technical assistance in the further development of the OHS system:

  • Strategy development
  • Harmonisation of legislation
  • Institutional capacity building
  • OHS further needs analysis
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Human resources development
  • Enhancement of social dialogue
  • Awareness raising