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Turkey: Promoting Gender Equality in Working Life
Subject Area
Equal Opportunities
Donor organization
Start of Project
August 2010
End of Project
February 2012
19 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The overall objective of the project is to ensure gender equality in working life. The more specific purpose of the project is to align Turkish legislation with EU gender equality acquis and improve the capacity of the institutions responsible for the implementation of the said acquis.

The project consists of three components:

The first component concentrates on the alignment of Turkish legislation with the existing EU gender equality acquis. In order to ensure a proper alignment all relevant Turkish legislation is analysed. On the basis of this analysis a report containing the found gaps as well as recommendations for changes in legislation is prepared. The administration is supported in preparing the necessary legal changes to bring Turkish legislation in line with the existing EU gender equality acquis.

A second component concentrates on capacity building of relevant institutions namely the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as well as the Social Security Institute, the State Personnel Presidency and other involved institutions. Personnel are trained on EU acquis in applying EU acquis and implementing the national legislation. A train-the-trainer programme will enable continuous training after the end of the project. Specific training for law-makers, OHS inspectors, employment administration and social partners is provided.

Finally, a third component focuses on the aspect of awareness raising. In order to successfully implement gender equality legislation and to ensure gender equality in working life, information, awareness raising and ultimately a change of attitudes is needed. To serve this purpose strategies and campaigns will be developed on how to place the topic in the media and transport it to the public will be developed.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in employment and equal treatment of women and men:

  • Assessment of legislation and recommendation for legislative reform
  • Harmonisation with EU acquis
  • Administrative capacity building
  • Policy advice
  • Information and communication strategy
  • Training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • Training of administrative staff & social partners
  • Train-the-trainer programmes
  • Manuals and procedural guidelines
  • Study tours