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Mongolia: Third Health Sector Development Project
Subject Area
Donor organization
Asian Development Bank
Start of Project
August 2009
End of Project
August 2013
48 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objective:
Strengthen the basic structures of the Mongolian health care system, especially as concerns provision of primary health care, health care financing, human resource development and integration of the private sector.

Specific objectives:
Strengthened Health Services
  • Strengthen the system of primary health care (Family Group Practices, Local Health Centres)
  • Upgrade local and regional hospitals (specification of investment needs)
Improved Health Care Financing and Modelling
  • Develop a new national health financing model, including pooling and single purchaser mechanisms
  • Review the current health insurance situation and assist in developing options to extend coverage
  • Conduct training on single purchasing and optimal use of resources
  • Implement pooling and single purchaser mechanisms in selected pilot regions, review results of pilots and assist in country-wide roll-out of pooling and single purchaser mechanisms
Human Resources and Institutional Development
  • Assist in developing workforce planning and HR development plans and strategies
  • Organise and conduct training in HR management and organisational management
  • Establish and support long-term clinical fellowships for medical specialists
  • Assist High-Level HR Committee to develop HR strategies for the health sector
  • Assist in institutionalising postgraduate training and in establishing family medicine as a medical specialty
Sector Capacity Development and Management
  • Review private health sector and develop regulatory mechanisms and institutional framework for increased accountability, licensing, monitoring and quality control
  • Assist in developing options for increased public-private partnerships, incl. regulatory framework and financial conditions
Description of Services

Technical assistance in strengthening the health care system (primary health care, health care financing, human resource development, private sector integration):

  • Status quo analysis: Institutional, legislative and financial preconditions
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Analysis of health care needs
  • Legal analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Facilitation of networking and consensus development
  • Institution building
  • Contract management
  • Human resources development
  • Specification of technical requirements
  • Piloting