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Czech Republic
Czech Republic: Gender Equality Promotion Focused on the Social Partners - Adopting Equal Treatment on Workplace
Subject Area
Equal Opportunities
Donor organization
EU Twinning Light
Start of Project
May 2006
End of Project
January 2007
9 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The overall objective of the project is to enable the Czech Republic to comply with its obligations regarding the adoption of the acquis communautaire, especially regarding the Policy of Equal Opportunities for men and women. The project aims at encouraging social partners in the Czech Republic to promote gender equality and to conclude agreements laying down anti-discrimination rules as well as to encourage employers to promote equal treatment for men and women in the workplace in a planned and systematic way.

This is realized through:
  • Development of a comparative study of Member States practice in promoting gender equality directed at social partners
  • Analysis of the Czech system including recommendations and a proposed methodology for optimal procedure
  • Preparation and implementation of specialized training activities and the development of a manual serving as a guideline for promoting of gender equality policy for social partners
  • Propose and recommend a public campaign to inform public about the aspects of gender equality policy
Description of Services

Technical assistance in equal opportunities:

  • Policy advice
  • Assessment of an recommendation for legislative framework
  • gender mainstreaming concept
  • administrative capacity building
  • information and communication strategy
  • training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • training of administrative staff & social partners
  • train-the-trainer programmes
  • manuals and procedural guidelines
  • study tours