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Estonia: Development of Administrative Capacity of National Authorities in the Field of Gender Mainstreaming
Subject Area
Equal Opportunities
Donor organization
EU Twinning
Start of Project
Juli 2004
End of Project
December 2005
17 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objective:
Contribute to the achievement of gender equality by assisting Estonian national and local authorities to acquire knowledge and skills to implement gender mainstreaming in all national and local policies.

Specific objectives:
  • Undertake an empirical study with qualitative and quantitative elements in order to identify gaps in the capacity of national and local authorities. The study includes the development of a questionnaire, interviews, coding, evaluating the results and commenting them in a report. This study forms the base for the development of the training concept .
  • Provide 4-week training course for 20 future trainers on Gender Mainstreaming. Those trained trainers train 300 officials on Gender Mainstreaming. The training of trainers includes gender theory, gender equality, awareness raising, legislative aspects, gender mainstreaming as a tool, implementing GM in practice, general and specific training methodology and a study tour
  • Conduct a post-training study assessing the impact of the training and helping to fine-tune future training courses of the trained trainers.
  • Develop a strategy for the Ministry of Social Affairs to integrate gender mainstreaming into all national and sectoral policies. The strategy will be used by the ministry in the coming years and contain ways how to strengthen gender mainstreaming in the administration.
  • Develop a centre of expertise in order to provide information on gender equality and gender mainstreaming. The centre of expertise is an offer both for the interested public and an instrument for officials for their daily work when using gender mainstreaming as a strategy. It contains relevant legislation, data, tools and examples of best practices and describes practical ways to use gender mainstreaming in different policy fields.
Description of Services

Technical assistance for implementing Gender Mainstreaming:

  • Policy advice
  • Administrative Capacity building
  • Gender Mainstreaming Concept
  • Manuals and procedural guidelines
  • Training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • Train-the-trainer programmes
  • Study tours
  • Information Strategy
  • Data-bank development