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Various countries: Social Impact of Emigration and Rural-Urban Migration in Central and Eastern Europe
Subject Area
Social Inclusion
Donor organization
Start of Project
November 2010
End of Project
May 2012
18 months
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Description of Project
General objective:
The study provides a comparative analysis on the social impact of emigration and migration within the country from rural to urban regions in Central and Eastern Europe.
The country studies and the synthesis report inform about the main trends in emigration and rural-urban migration against the background of the transition process during the previous two decades, the impact on employment, poverty and social inclusion as well as access to social services and social protection. The reports further provide policy advice to the national and regional authorities of the countries researched, but also to the EU and the international donors at large for addressing the negative social impacts.

Specific objectives:
Methodological support to define contents of the country studies
Ongoing support to the research teams in methodological questions
Establishment of a internet forum for the research groups to exchange background material
Review of draft country studies and support to the inception workshop to discuss the methodology Review of the interim and final country studies Elaboration of a synthesis report summarising in a comparative perspective similarities and differences in the area of social impact of emigration and rural-urban migration across the 25 countries Elaboration of a policy paper brief
Description of Services

Research in the field of emigration and rural-urban migration and impact on social protection and social inclusion

Co-ordination of 25 country research teams

Elaboration of a synthesis report