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Croatia: IPA Access to Education by Students with Disabilities
Subject Area
Social Inclusion
Donor organization
Start of Project
January 2010
End of Project
September 2011
20 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objective:
To enhance educational accomplishments of students with disabilities, according to their needs, their overall labour-market prospects and their overall social integration

Specific objectives:
To develop essential building blocks for innovative mechanisms at national and regional level that enable access of the students with disabilities into the VET system and to the labour market.

  1. Modernisation of selected VET curricula for students with disabilities, high-quality VET in-service training system, and education of grant applicants in relation to procedures and mechanisms related to the IPA grant scheme;
  2. Appropriate set of harmonised relevant legal acts in the field of education of students with disabilities;
  3. Employers have a better capacity to provide apprenticeship mechanisms to students with disabilities.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in establishing innovative/modernised mechanisms at national/regional level that enable access of students with disabilities into the vocational education and training (VET) system

  • Training needs assessment and proposal for training of VET teachers
  • Organise study visits and workshops
  • Strengthening beneficiaries’ capacities to apply for additional funds under IPA grant schemes
  • Deliver training for grant applicants and beneficiaries
  • Analysis of existing legal framework
  • Training and assistance for a working group for harmoniation and improvement of legal framework
  • Training of employers
  • Awareness raising