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Slovak Republic
Slovak Republic: Strengthening Administrative Capacities in the Field of Gender Mainstreaming
Subject Area
Equal Opportunities
Donor organization
Phare Twinning project
Start of Project
September 2005
End of Project
November 2006
14 months
Partner Organisations
GIP International
Description of Project

The general objective of the project aims at the strengthening of the administrative structures in the field of gender mainstreaming and developing the methodology to implement gender mainstreaming principles in practice. This is to be achieved by:
  • Setting up a gender mainstreaming co-ordination institutional body;
  • Enhancing the implementation capacities of the responsible unit at the ministry;
  • Developing the methodology to implement gender mainstreaming principles in practice;
  • Setting up a gender mainstreaming coordination body and enhancing implementing capacities;
  • Provision of training to officials from different levels in order to raise awareness, spread knowledge on gender related issues and Gender Mainstreaming and practical implementation in day-to-day work
  • Developing “pilot projects” related to gender equality in different fields and on different administrative levels;
  • Development of the administrative machinery related to gender issue;
  • Raising awareness about Gender Mainstreaming in the institutions at national, regional and local level and to the public.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in promoting equal opportunities:

  • Policy advice
  • Assessment of legislative framework
  • gender mainstreaming concept
  • administrative capacity building
  • information and communication strategy
  • training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • training of administrative staff & social partners
  • train-the-trainer programmes
  • manuals and procedural guidelines
  • study tours / internships