Project Database

Turkey: Civil Society Dialogue - Europa-Bridges of Knowledge Grant Project: New Intervention Strategies in Labour Life
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
EU, DG Enlargement
Start of Project
January 2007
End of Project
August 2007
8 months
Partner Organisations
Turkish Association of Labour Inspectors (Lead); Association of Former Inspectors of the Health and Safety Executive (AFIHSE); Supported by the Government of Hessia as
Description of Project

General Objective:
Share information and experience about the implementation of the acquis communautaire for the working life, establish close institutional links to EU partners and contribute to the EU harmonisation process of Turkey in terms of enforcement of OHS.
Specific Objectives:
  • Enhanced perception of EU legislation on OHS by Labour Inspectors (LI)
  • Training of 25 trainers for further dissemination of gained expertise and knowledge to all Turkish LIs
  • Increased capacity of the LI and the LI Association
  • Increased effectiveness of LI interventions at enterprise level including new intervention strategies
  • Sharing of information and knowledge with other parties in the working life
  • Establish an international network of partners in OHS and working life
Description of Services

Technical Assistance in

  • Training / Training of Trainers
  • Project Coordination
  • OHS promotion
  • OHS networking