Project Database

Turkey: Improving Labour Inspection System
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
Start of Project
January 2008
End of Project
October 2009
21 months
Partner Organisations
Hesse Ministry of Labour, Family and Health
Description of Project

The overall objective of the project is to improve the labour inspection system in terms of enforcement according to international and EU standards.
Four main economic sectors are targeted: Metal Industry, Chemical Industry, Construction and Mining, and additionally the Labour Relations (Social Inspection). Professional Trainings are implemented covering the great majority of Turkish Labour Inspectors as well as Social Partner Representatives; Guidelines are produced for the sectors as well as a General Guideline for Labour Inspectors on Technical and Social Inspection. Further, Pilot Inspections take place to verify the progress made through the project.
The monitoring system and information / communication system are reviewed and improvements agreed and implemented including trainings for the administrative staff on new methods and procedures.

The specific objectives of the project are:
  • Labour Inspectors capacity improved in terms of enforcing EU-based legislation effectively.
  • Uniform implementation of the new legislation in the workplaces ensured.
  • Tripartite social dialogue between the Labour Inspection Board and Social Partners improved and the responsibilities of social partners in the implementation of the related labour legislation enhanced.
  • Employers’ and employees’ capacity to implement new EU-based legislation increased in terms of knowledge and awareness
Description of Services
  • OHS Implementation
  • OHS training and capacity building
  • OHS promotion
  • Social marketing
  • Safety engineering
  • Curricula development
  • Information
  • Study tours / international training
  • OHS research
  • OHS statistics & databases
  • Notification, registration, compensation
  • Publications, leaflets, manuals, promotion items