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Macedonia: Technical Assistance to Support Employment Policy Phase III
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
Start of Project
November 2007
End of Project
May 2009
18 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
Overall objective:
To prepare the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for embracing the employment policy orientations resulting from the European Employment Strategy and the Integrated Guidelines for Jobs and Growth and to considerably reduce unemployment, especially for young people, women and other vulnerable groups through the implementation of effective active labour market measures, among others.

The specific objective of this project is: to continue to strengthen the capacity of all relevant institutions and actors to effectively implement, monitor and evaluate, through a partnership approach, the objectives and targets laid down in the National Employment Strategy 2010 and the National Action Plan for Employment 2006-2008.

The specific objective is broken down into objectives according to the different components of the project as follows:
  • to further build-up the capacity of MoLSP staff and relevant stakeholders for an effective planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of employment policies;
  • to further modernise the Employment Service Agency (ESA) and its 30 local offices with an ultimate view to provide quality services to employers and unemployed persons;
  • to strengthen the capacities of social partners forming party to tripartite and bipartite fora on employment policy and labour issues at national and organisational levels;
  • to raise awareness in the country about the new employment policy orientations and measures.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in further development of employment policy and implementation:

  • Policy advice
  • Institutional framework
  • Labour market analysis / Skill needs analysis
  • Drafting and implementing National and Local Action Plans for Employment (EES)
  • organisational development / management capacity building of PES
  • Information and publication strategy
  • administrative capacity building for evaluation, design, implementation and monitoring of active labour market programmes
  • career counselling
  • job placement
  • Training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • training of PES, MoLSP staff and social partners
  • train-the-trainer programmes
  • manuals and procedural guidelines