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Czech Republic
Czech Republic: Strengthening of the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) Capacity in the Field of Social Security Premium Collection
Subject Area
Donor organization
Start of Project
February 2008
End of Project
October 2008
8 months
Partner Organisations
German Pension Insurance Westphalia
Description of Project
General objective:
To improve the functioning of the social security and its coordination by strengthening the system of premiums collection in an international context.

Specific Objectives:
  • Analysis of insurance premium collecting system at the CSSA
  • Elaboration of recommendation for planning of further CSSA activities in this area
  • Workshop for approx. 20 CSSA specialists concerning the results of analysis and recommendations for the CSSA
  • Organising seminar for approx. 40 specialists from CSSA and other Czech institutions on latest EU developments in relation to social insurance premium collecting
  • Training of CSSA Headquarters and regional offices staff in questions of social insurance premium collecting, also with respect to the EU rules and practice, and in questions of debts administration
  • Evaluation of CSSA Integrated Economic Information System in the area of social insurance premium collecting, experience with operation of such a system in the partner’s country and with the information system of insurance premium collecting
  • Specialized seminar for approx. 20 CSSA Headquarters specialist on costs proceeding in social insurance premium collecting
  • Study visit – Department of economic analysis and a representative of EU and international relationships section - transmission of know-how and experience of chosen partner in the field of financial control of insurance premium collecting
  • Updating the CSSA guidelines for premium collecting with respect to the recommendations and know-how introduced within the project
Description of Services

Technical assistance in

  • Legislative framework
  • Institution framework
  • Training
  • Human resources development and study visits on the job training
  • Situation analysis
  • Quality and capacity assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Manuals/guidelines