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EU-China Project on Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) in High-Risk Sectors
Subject Area
Donor organization
Start of Project
April 2012
End of Project
April 2016
48 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The General objective is to enable China to achieve effective standards of work safety and health comparable to those prevailing in the EU in all high risk sectors (coal mining, non –coal mining, chemical industry) including the objective of a zero-fatality rate The Specific objective is to provide technical assistance for developing China’s capacity at all appropriate levels to design and enforce an effective OHS strategy based on the principles of prevention and the direct involvement of workers in risk management.

Support to capacity-building for policy formulation, regulatory strengthening and more effective inspection systems through:
  • Comparative analysis and research on key documents regarding OHS regulations, enforcement and related issues
  • Organisation of workshops, seminars and conferences with a good geographical representation to present results and lessons learned during the project and discuss how these can be reflected in OHS polic y-making
  • Developing sustainable dialogue and coordination mechanism (employers - workers - state administration) to enable the establishment and functioning of the triangle of employers, workers and SAWS
  • Setting up an IAG to facilitate active exchange and discussion of tools and methods to improve OHS policy-making and enforcement between SAWS, other Chinese stakeholders and international actors / donors
  • Communication, coordination and visibility actions (coordination with other projects’ visibility activities to achieve a consistent programme “brand”)
  • Developing “train-the-trainers” manuals, delivery of trainings and workshops by experts and trained trainers to employers, workers and inspectors in Chinese high-risk sectors.
  • Training in China and the EU and supporting trained trainers in delivery of training programmes
  • OHS-related awareness-raising campaigns amongst businesses, managers and workers, including awareness-raising events (e.g. OHS weeks)
  • Development and implementation of an effective monitoring system
Description of Services


  • •Legal analysis and harmonisation
  • •Supporting the formulation and enforcement of an OHS strategy
  • Modernised approaches to labour inspection with a focus on the selected high-risk sectors
  • Policy advice on the structure and details of the OHS system
  • Development of triangular social partnership and dialogue on OHS-related issues
  • Train-the-trainer methodology, manuals, and training programmes
  • Trainings in China for various interest groups and support to the trained trainers in delivery
  • StudyTour to the EU
  • Implementing 10 Trainings in the EU at different OHS training institutes
  • OHS-related communication strategy, visibility activities and awareness-raising campaigns and events amongst business, managers and workers
  • Design and establishment of a project monitoring system on the impact of modernised approaches to labour inspection to accident and occupational disease rates (ODA statistics)
  • Continuous internal project monitoring tool to assess the progress in project implementation