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Conference: Impact of the Euro crisis on national health policies
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May 2012
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February 2013
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Since 2009, some member states of the European Monetary Union - among others but not only - Greece and Portugal are facing a significant public debt and budgetary crisis. Meanwhile, this has also led to a more critical assessment of the economic situation of neighbouring countries. As a consequence, the European Commission, the EuropeFan Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund have established a bailout programme that is unrivalled in scope and size in the history of European integration. A precondition for the allocation of funds is that the recipient countries commit to far-reaching reform measures in a range of policy fields, including some which have been solely under the responsibility of the sovereign member state according to EU treaties until now. As a result, the crisis may lead to further transfers of competencies to Brussels; the possible consequences on further policy fields have yet to be adequately examined.
Based on the experience Greece and Portugal have made, the conference “Impact of the Euro-crisis on national health policies” will foster discussion on how current and expected developments of the budgetary and monetary crisis may foster harmonisation ambitions of the European systems of social protection, and of the provision of healthcare in particular. How serious is the risk of “contagion” for sovereign decision making in social security systems?

The conference takes place on 11th October 2012 in Potsdam, Germany with approximate 100 participants (thereof 10 speakers) and is hosted by GVG and the Federal Minister of Health (BMG).

GVG is responsible for the conference management and the conceptual design in close cooperation with the Federal Minister of Health. GVG organises the location, facilities, technical and other equipment, staff, print material and catering. It supports speakers, controls the finances, runs and documents the results of the conference.
Description of Services
  • overall responsibility for the conference management and coordination
  • conference concept development in close co-ordination with BMG
  • setting up the conference programme and assigning national and international speakers
  • support service for speaker / experts
  • support service for participants
  • preparation / organisation of location, facilities, technical and other equipment, personnel, print material and catering
  • finance control
  • running the conference
  • documentation of conference results