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Tunesia: Support of the national prevention plan for occupational accidents and diseases
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
Start of Project
January 2012
End of Project
January 2014
24 months
Partner Organisations
GIP International
Description of Project
The general objective of the twinning project is to support the national institutions in the implementation of the national plan for prevention of occupational accidents and diseases.
The national plan aims to improve occupational health and safety conditions in order to assure the integrity of physical and mental health and to reduce costs for the state as well as for Tunisian institutions. Therefore GIP International and GVG are providing technical assistance in capacity building, reorganisation of public structures and development of strategies for realisation of national goals.
The twinning project has 4 main objectives:

1. Reduction of occupational accidents through improvement of risk detection
2. Improvement of prevention services through higher coverage for medical services, modernizations of service procurement and medical surveillance
3. Better communication and raising awareness about health and security subjects through a global communication strategy
4. Convergence of the Tunisian legislation with European legislation concerning social security and occupational health through revision of juridical texts
Description of Services

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

• Technical assistance: strategy development for the reduction of occupational accidents and the improvement of the services of occupational safety institutions

• Capacity building for identification and detection of risks in the work environment

• Training and workshops for the staff of occupational health institutions

• Study tour

• Organization of a monitoring system