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various countries
Various countries: Coping with an ageing population Learning from good eHealth and telecare practices
Subject Area
Donor organization
Start of Project
November 2010
End of Project
November 2011
12 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objectives:
The study aimed at providing an overview of how different national models of long-term care have reacted to the challenge of an ageing population and promoted the deployment of home care ICT services.

Specific objectives:
Provide a scoreboard on the openness to innovation of national models of long-term care int the area of home care services. The scoreboard was clustered around macro-categories that are relevant both for the deployment of home care services and from a socio-economic point of view: 

• Governance and organisation
• Funding and economic impact
• Technological adoption
• Legal issues
• Ethical issues
• Human capital
Description of Services
  • Literature Review, analysis of different models of long-term care within the sample
  • National data collection for the study, country: Hungary
  • Result validation through expert interviews
  • Policy analysis of good practice cases