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Slovak Republic
Slovak Republic: Reinforcement of Administrative Structures for the Coordination of Social Security Schemes in the Light of Rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
Subject Area
Social Security, Free Movement of Workers
Donor organization
Start of Project
June 2008
End of Project
March 2009
9 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objective:
Effective and comprehensive implementation of the Community Law in the field of coordination social security schemes, as well as facilitation of free movement of workers across the EU.

Specific objectives:
  • Develop a functioning system for the application of ECJ case-law in the field of social security schemes coordination: elaborate of a report/recommendations on administrative structures and operational procedures for interpretation and implementation of ECJ rulings and implement a study tour regarding these aspects
  • Deepen and disseminate knowledge related on ECJ case law regarding co-ordination of social security schemes through the implementation of a series of training seminars for the different benefits and the elaboration of a training documentation file.
Description of Services

Technical assistance for the improvement of the capacity and knowledge on social security coordination, especially in the light of the ECJ case law

  • Administrative capacity building
  • Training of staff
  • Training materials (development)
  • Study tour