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Germany: eHealth Conference 2012 - - digital, better, more efficient
Subject Area
Donor organization
Ministry of( BMG)
Start of Project
September 2011
End of Project
December 2012
16 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The “eHealth Conference 2012” is the central discussion and communication forum for politics, funding agencies, healthcare service providers, patient representatives, sciences and the industry. In the scope of the slogan “health –, better, more efficient”, recent developments as well as exemplary projects in Germany will be presented.

During this Conference, representatives of the political field, science and industry will be speaking as well as top-level representatives of funding agencies and healthcare service providers of Germany.

The “eHealth Conference 2012” takes place on 05th / 06th June 2012 in Saarbrücken, Germany with about 350 participants (thereof approx. 25 speakers) and is hosted by GVG, the Federal Minister of Health, the Minister of Health and Consumer Protection of the Saarland.

GVG is responsible for the conference management and the conceptual design in close cooperation with the other hosts and the programme committee. GVG organises the location, facilities, technical and other equipment, staff, print material and catering. It supports speakers and high ranking participants as well as exhibitors. GVG controls the finances, runs and evaluates the event. It documents the results of the conference.
Description of Services

- overall responsibility for the conference management and coordination

- conference concept development in close co-ordination with key stakeholders within and outside the program committee

- setting up the conference programme and assigning national and international speakers

- support service for speaker / experts

- support service for participants

- support service for exhibitors / sponsors - public relation

- preparation / organisation of location, facilities, technical and other equipment, personnel, print material and catering

- finance control

- running the conference

- documentation of conference results