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Germany: Hospital Hygiene Field of Action for Politics and Hospital Managements (Krankenhaushygiene Aktionsfeld von Politik und Krankenhausmanagement)
Subject Area
Donor organization
Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft e.V.
Start of Project
March 2011
End of Project
June 2011
Partner Organisations
Deutsche Krankenhausgesellschaft e.V.
Description of Project
The “DKG Conference” deals with hospital sanitation. The German Federal Ministry of Health is discussing a law change in this matter. The goal of the conference is to discuss the consequences for hospitals arising from the legislative proposal.

The conference focuses on hospital managements and other medical decision makers. Active participants are speakers from the political sphere and health care providers in Germany.

The conference takes place on 9th June 2011 in Berlin, Germany with approx. 150 participants (among them 10 speakers).

GVG is responsible for the conference management and the conceptual design in close cooperation with the DKG. GVG organises the location, facilities, technical and other equipment, staff, print materials, and catering and supports speakers and other participants. GVG controls the finances, runs and evaluates the event and documents the results of the conference.
Description of Services

- overall responsibility for the conference management

- support in preparation / organisation of location, facilities, technical and other equipment, print materials, catering and personnel

- support for speakers

- assistance to participants

- finance control