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Czech Republic
Czech Republic: Client Portal for the CSSA
Subject Area
Social Security, Pension
Donor organization
EU Twinning
Start of Project
October 2008
End of Project
July 2009
9 months
Partner Organisations
German Pension Insurance Westphalia
Description of Project
The general objective of the project is to improve the social security coordination, guarantee equal treatment and contribute to the free movement of persons. Furthermore the purpose of the project is to provide updating of knowledge of Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA) employees with respect to the acquis in the area of free movement of persons.

The specific objectives are the identification of requirements of the CSSA´s clients concerning aClient Portal, the development of methods for the technical realization of the portal, a security concept for the Client Portal and two study visits.
Description of Services
  • developing a joint understanding of the client portal for all involved persons in CSSA and identifying relevant business objectives and relevant processes
  • analysis of the communication process with clients, of the situation in area of data storage
  • defining the groups of clients and their requests as well as the necessary rights of these groups
  • analysis of the existing legislative framework and drafting a strategy for the Client Portal
  • technical support of user registration process
  • a concept of stored user data and access control
  • safe communication ways in Internet and email communication
  • legal compliance and workflow
  • review and upgrade of security policies in line with the standard ISO/IEC 27002
  • analysis of the actual security policy at the CSSA with regard to the electronic communication related to E-Government