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Various countries: Contract to Elaborate a "Report on the Current Situation in Relation to Occupational Diseases" Systems in EU Member States and EFTA/EEA Countries, in particular relative to Commission Recommendation 2003/670/EC concerning the European Schedule of Occupational Diseases and Gathering of Data on Relevant Related Aspects
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
Start of Project
December 2010
End of Project
March 2012
28 months
Partner Organisations
NCvB, EuroGip, NIOM
Description of Project
The main objectives of the study are:
1. To describe the degree to which Commission Recommendation 2003/670/EC, its Annexes and associated documents (Diagnostic criteria guidance) have encouraged national systems to tackle the occupational diseases problematic. Analysis of national lists and EU list: cross-national differences and similarities as to lists of occupational diseases and comparisons will be made vis-à-vis the European list.
2. To clarify processes of decision-making in Member States on schedules of occupational diseases for inclusion of occupational diseases into national lists. To that end: the role of various stakeholders (government, social partners, scientific community) and the criteria and procedures applied.
3. To select and describe “good practices” in the prevention of occupational diseases. Examples of prevention measures against occupational diseases will be explored. Well documented “Good practices” will be identified and a selection of these cases will further be analysed as to cost benefit aspects.
4. To present and discuss a series of options on how the "occupational diseases system" as currently run by the EC, could evolve and why. Opinions and suggestions of relevant national stakeholders: social partners, governments, social insurances, epidemiological and statistical experts as well as occupational health experts. Their evaluations will be relevant as to the content, structure and implementation of the EU system (Commission recommendations), the current national systems and their implementation, expansion or reform of the current system, alternative schemes or practices, inclusion of diseases due to new emerging risks, etc.
Description of Services

Supervision and coordination of the expert team, co-ordination of overall activities, cooperation with EU Co-ordination of 31 national experts Layout and poof-reading of the reports