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Bosnia-Herzegowina: Study on Social Dalogue in the Western Balkan countries
Subject Area
Social Dialogue
Donor organization
Start of Project
August 2009
End of Project
March 2010
8 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The general objective of the project is to conduct a study analysing cross-sectoral social partner organisations and social dialogue institutions and mechanisms in the countries of the Western Balkan region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia). In addition sectoral organisations active in the electricity, gas, and railway sectors will also be covered.

The study includes
  • An analysis of existing research on social dialogue in the region
  • A description of relevant international actors’ views on the topic
  • Identification of relevant social partner organisations in each country at the cross-sectoral level and in the gas, electricity and railway sectors as well as an description and analysis of their characteristics
  • A description and analysis of the role that the cross-sectoral organisations play in national social dialogue mechanisms at bi-partite and tri-partite level
  • A description and analysis of existing social dialogue mechanism and institutions at the cross-sectoral level, the main outcomes so far and relevant initiatives for the future
  • The presentation of a comparative analysis of the state of play of social dialogue across the countries in the region
  • The elaboration of an inception report, country reports and a comparative final report
Description of Services
  • Managing a network of experts
  • Concept development for a comparative analysis
  • Literature review and data collection
  • Elaboration of country profiles
  • Synthesis on country experiences
  • Identification of best practices
  • Elaboration of a final report
  • Presentation of study findings on conferences and workshops