Project Database

Croatia: Evaluation, Design of Recommendations, Capacity Building and Grant Scheme Management in the Field of Active Employment Measures in Croatia
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
Start of Project
April 2007
End of Project
December 2008
21 months
Partner Organisations
Federal Agency for Employment of Germany; Employment Service of Slovenia
Description of Project
General objective:
The overall objective of this project is to promote economic and social cohesion for achieving better professional integration of the most vulnerable groups in the Croatian labour market.

Specific objectives:
The specific purpose is to develop the capacity of the labour market agents to carry out ALMP measures and to increase the employability of the groups threatened by social exclusion, by using pathways approach to labour market integration.

Component 1: Evaluation of ALMP measures in Croatia
Component 2: Design of recommendations and new ALMP measures
Component 3: Capacity building Component 4: Grant scheme management
Description of Services

Technical assistance in further development of active employment measures:

  • administrative capacity building for evaluation, design, implementation and monitoring of active labour market programmes
  • labour market information system / statistics
  • training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • training of PES staff and grant beneficiaries
  • grant scheme management
  • manuals and procedural guidelines