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Croatia: Local Partnerships for Employment (Phase 3)
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
Start of Project
November 2009
End of Project
July 2011
21 months
Partner Organisations
Federal Agency for Employment of Germany; Finnish Consulting Group; IFOA
Description of Project
The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the implementation of the HRDOP Priority Axis 1 that aims to reduce unemployment and “threat” of new unemployment (measure 1.1: Supporting the design and implementation of active and preventive labour market policy).

The specific purpose is to refine and develop at county level an institutional framework (based on partnerships) for the human resource development and strengthen the capacities of local stakeholders to design and implement active labour market policy.

Component 1: Assessment and refining of the concept for LPE in the Croatian regional employment policies, strategies and actions on the labour market

Component 2: Fostering HRD at regional level using partnership approach and promotion of ESF standards

Component 3: Strengthening capacities of potential grant beneficiaries to plan, design and implement active labour market measures within the partnership approach
Description of Services

Technical assistance in further development of local partnerships for employment:

  • Technical assistance for further developing institutional framework for local partnerships for employment in Croatia
  • Capacity building for local stakeholders to develop HRD strategies at local level, to design and implement active labour market policy and to develop HRD project pipelines to be funded by the EU
  • Training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • Training of PES staff and other stakeholders (county/city administrations, social partners, NGO) on ESF and EES approach, partnership approach, monitoring and evaluation of HRD programmes
  • Training of grant beneficiaries on PCM, project development and guidelines for application under IPA/ESF
  • Concept papers and procedural guidelines