Project Database

Bulgaria: Preparing for future management of Human Resources Development Operational Programme
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
EC Twinning
Start of Project
January 2007
End of Project
June 2008
18 months
Partner Organisations
Ministry of Labour and Social Security/ Formez (Italy)
Description of Project
General objective:
Preparing the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), namely EFIPP Directorate (EFIPPD) to function as Managing Authority with increased effectiveness in organizing, implementing, monitoring and controlling the HRD OP.
Preparing the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour (MLSP) to delegate responsibilities to its Intermediate Bodies, namely Employment Agency (EA), Social Assistance Agency (SAA), the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) to manage and implement the HRD OP.

Specific objectives:
Setting up and definition of operational institutional structures for managing ESF type measures, definition of job description, organisational charts, job profile, and documents describing structures and responsibilities within the MA and IBs;
Building capacity within the administration: production of tools and manuals, training and coaching of relevant players according to four work packages (programming, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and control, tendering and selection);
Definition and acquisition of information and publicity competences by beneficiaries to ensure effective communication about the OP HRD, support in drafting of the Communication Action Plan;
Accompanying activities such as seminars and Steering Committee organised.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in institution building for implementation of HRD Operational Programme:

  • Policy advice, set-up of institutional framework, administrative capacity building and training on:

              - ESF programming

              - ESF monitoring and evaluation

              - ESF implementation (project development, calls for proposals,

                contracting etc.)

              - ESF financial management and control

              - ESF information and publicity

              - ESF information system

  • Information and communication strategy
  • Training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • Train-the-trainer programmes
  • Manuals and procedural guidelines
  • Study tours / internships