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Serbia: Modernisation of the National Employment Service
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
EU Twinning
Start of Project
November 2007
End of Project
February 2010
27 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The project aims at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of NES by providing better services to all clients and by supporting operation of the labour market.

It comprises three components:
  • Strengthening NES internal management and organisational capacities
  • Enhancing the client needs orientation of the NES
  • Support to the development of active Labour Market Measures

The objectives of the first component is to improved the overall structure, the institutional capacity, the management and operation of NES, thus ensuring a modernised organisation. This includes the elaboration of a Corporate Plan and support to the further establishment of Performance Management and Management by Objectives (MBO), the development of a Quality Management System (QMS), the review and improvement of the financial management system, the development and support to Human Resources, the enhancement of capacities in the field of project development and international cooperation, the improvement of internal and external communication of NES as well as the upgrade of the information system, including the outline of a self-information system.
The project also supports the development of an Operational Process Model for client-oriented services at NES. It looks at the way services for job-seekers and especially employers are organised and how they can be improved with the objective of providing better targeted services.
Support is given to NES in its cooperation with the competent Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and at local level within the Local Employment Councils. The capacities of the NES staff for the implementation of active labour market measures (ALMM) are enhanced via the training of staff in issues relating to the design, planning and implementation as well as to the monitoring and evaluation of ALMM. Support is given to the improvement of the Labour Market Information System (training, development of reporting system)
Description of Services

Technical assistance in:

  • organisational development/management capacity of PES
  • administrative capacity building for implementation of active labour market measures
  • labour market information system and self-information system
  • information and communication strategy
  • training needs assessment, training methodology, training materials
  • training of PES staff
  • train-the-trainer programmes
  • manuals and procedural guidelines
  • study tours