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Macedonia: Feasibility Study on Strengthening Enforcement Capacity of the Labour Inspectorate
Subject Area
Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance
Donor organization
World Bank
Start of Project
September 2007
End of Project
April 2008
8 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
The overall objective of the project is to improve the labour inspection system in terms of enforcement according to international and EZ standards; the objective of the project is to make a comprehensive assessment of the institutional setting, relevant legislation, structure, organisation, staffing, methodology / procedures, information flows, financial and resource management of the General Labour Inspection and its regional branches.
Based on the assessment, a General Strategy for the Labour Inspection on institutional strengthening and qualification (HR development) will be elaborated and an implementation plan set up for an ensuing Technical Assistance project with the General Labour Inspectorate.

The specific objectives of the project divide into the four main components:
  • To comprehensively assess the Labour Inspectorate and its branch offices, discuss the findings and give recommendations and the institutional capacity and staff qualification policy
  • To elaborate a General Inspection and Qualification Strategy for the Labour Inspectorate
  • To set up an Implementation Plan for an ensuing Technical Assistance project for strengthening the enforcement capacities of the Labour Inspectorate and its branch offices
Description of Services
  • Labour Inspectors expertise
  • OHS capacity building
  • Resource assessment and management
  • Finance management
  • Information system and monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Labour law