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Croatia: Preparation of the Croatian Employment Service for joining the EURES network (HR/2008/IB/SO/02TL)
Subject Area
Labour Market / Employment / European Social Fund
Donor organization
Start of Project
September 2010
End of Project
June 2011
10 months
Partner Organisations
Description of Project
General objective:
Support the Croatian Employment Service (CES) in the implementation of the EURES network in Croatia
Specific objectives:
Within Component 1 CES job mediation business processes were reviewed in view of the EURES standards and requirements and recommendations for their adjustments were formulated. Based on these recommendations a EURES manual of procedures was elaborated for use by the CES staff involved in EURES (in future), further a (draft) EURES Activity Plan - as required by the EURES Charter of the EU Commission – is elaborated for the CES. Component 2 is dedicated to a review of the existing ICT data exchange applications for job vacancies of the CES in view of future integration into the EURES network. Recommendations for adjustments of the ICT applications towards EURES standards are formulated. The capacities of CES staff and designated (future) EURES staff are reinforced via an intensive training of a core team of CES staff members (train-the-trainer) in EURES issues and a series of training sessions for (future) EURES assistants and EURES (line) managers of the CES. The knowledge acquired in the training sessions is intensified in the frame of a study visit to Germany and the Czech Republic for a selected core team of future EURES specialists of the CES (Component 3). Support to the promotion of and communication about the EURES network is given to the CES within Component 4 with the elaboration of a EURES Communication and Promotion Plan for the CES and the production of an information flyer targeted at the public about EURES in Croatia.
Description of Services

Technical assistance in the preparation of the implementation of the EURES network:

  • Organisational development/management capacity of PES
  • Development of ICT system
  • Communication and promotion strategy
  • Elaboration of information materials
  • Training methodology, training materials
  • Training of PES staff and train-the-trainer programme
  • Elaboration of manuals
  • Study tour