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Sharing know-how

Our principle: learning from each other

Since its foundation, GVG has always looked across national borders and the exchange with other countries’ social protection and labour market systems has been considered essential. With the integration and enlargement of the European Union, the international perspective and the analysis of the impact of European integration gained even more momentum. The transformation processes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe have considerably raised the importance of this international dimension. Beginning in 1991 GVG has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs to support reforms in social and employment policy in these countries. Since then the activities have considerably expanded by further countries, new fields of work and additional donors.

Our contribution: linking research and practice

The specific expertise of GVG in social protection and its close institutional links in Germany characterises our unique role in international cooperation. GVG feeds in all its knowledge and expertise gained at the national level into its work at the international level. This ranges from scientific analysis and conceptual orientation to the support of social protection and labour market reforms by institution building and training measures.