Services from a single source: technical expertise and project management skills


Each sector is covered by a qualified team and represented by one permanent contact person. This guarantees professional project management, combined with expert knowledge in all fields of social policy addressed by GVG.

GVG’s international work initially focused on challenges of Eastern and Central European transition countries; today GVG is concerned with the whole area of social policy and labour market reforms in transition as well as low and middle income countries.


If health systems are to fulfil their task effectively and efficiently, they have to be adapted to the cultural, social, economic and political conditions of a country. As a result, a wide range of themes need to be considered when assistance in monitoring and shaping health reforms is provided. The sector focusses on establishing and reshaping public and primary health care, reorganising health administration, and training medical and administrative personnel. In these activities the GVG team’s expertise extends from system-wide restructuring to detailed reforms, for instance introducing clinical guidelines or case-based payments according to diagnosis related groups (DRGs).

Contact: Yvette Shajanian Zarneh
Phone: +49 221 91286744

Projects in the sector Health

Occupational Health and Safety / Accident Insurance

The projects in this sector aim to support the modernisation of national systems for occupational health and safety and eventually the establishment of national safety cultures. The key objective in cooperation with partner countries is to protect the employees from accidents at work and occupational diseases. Hence, important areas of work are the elaboration of national strategies for workplace safety, enhancing the capacities of state administrations for occupational health and safety, setting up national research institutions and training centres, as well as training labour inspectors and specialist staff and the integration of social partners in preventive approaches by means of tripartite social dialogue.
Contact: Holger Trechow
Phone: +49 221 91286734

Projects in the sector Occupational Health and Safety/Accident Insurance

Labour Market

The range of subjects covered under this sector extends from supporting the formulation of employment policies to establishing effective public employment services and to monitoring and evaluating labour market measures. In addition, in many projects the development of labour market information systems providing solid labour market data, which is an important precondition for the design and evaluation of employment policies, is a central component. Further, key subjects are supporting social partners in establishing a functioning Social Dialogue and preparing the accession countries for the European Social Fund.

Contact: Birgit Garbe-Emden
Phone: +49 221 91286731

Projects in the sector Labour Market

Social Inclusion

GVG’s projects on social inclusion help to reduce poverty, promote the practice of equal opportunities and counteract social exclusion and discrimination. Besides supporting the development of social assistance systems in general, gender equality, the inclusion of people with disabilities and the economic and social participation of ethnic minorities are the core areas of the project work. This involves shaping and implementing specific political measures and also taking them into account in other policy areas as cross-cutting issues (mainstreaming).

Contact: Joachim Hülsmann
Phone: +49 221 91286743

Projects in the sector Social Inclusion

Social Protection / Pensions

This sector covers projects for reforming social protection and old age security systems. The projects include strategic analyses on the establishment and development of systems and the extension of coverage, research projects on the effectiveness of social protection reforms and consultancy to prepare policy makers and public administration for joining the EU. The GVG team also deals with questions of collecting contributions, financing, specifying the performance of and developing information systems, and IT security.

Contact: Nathalie Bélorgey
Phone: +49 221 91286729

Projects in the sector Social Protection/Pensions